Straight hatred

A Perth woman Rebecca Britten makes the news for a Facebook post quoting a website where gay men talk about hooking up for sex in toilet cubicles, claiming they are seeking to expose their sexual activities to children and therefore labelling them paedophiles.

ben lawlor comment on rebecca britten

Ben Lawlor from State Government of WA

A Sydney man is arrested at a private club where men go to have sex with other men.  He was allegedly caught putting hydrochloric acid in a lubricant dispenser.

An American man is sentenced to 40 years in prison for pouring boiling water over two gay men as they lay sleeping on a mattress in the house he shared with their family.

And Malcolm Turnbull presses on with a plebiscite on whether same sex people — totally ignoring transgender and intersex people — should have the right to marry our partners.

That’s just a day’s reading about how some people feel about my community.

Mrs Britten thinks men having sex with men in toilets is outrageous… she is incapable of understanding that ‘beats’ use emerged as a cultural practice out of a long history of men who have sex with men having nowhere safe or private.

Update: I contacted Mrs Britten about her Facebook update and got the following reply. Britten uses the ‘some of my best friends are gay’ defense and claims that a post about guys seeking other guys for sex is not a reference to gay sex. Okay then.

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Of course, since the irate Facebook post includes verbatim quotes it is trivial to search for key phrases and identify the forum Mrs Britten quotes from.

Mrs Britten is apparently unable to read.  The reference to ‘jailbait’ that Mrs Britten uses as foundation for her claims about paedophilia is a joke, one user teasing another, a woman who quickly replies ‘No I prefer my men more mature lol’.  The woman in question actually talks about ‘change room fun’, which makes me think she must be talking about a change room in a department store, since toilets are sex segregated after all.

There is one user who says “Hey 15 here, Message me on [redacted]” and their post is immediately followed up with a reply saying “Sorry have to be legal :)”.

Mrs Britten’s claims about ‘jailbait’ and ’15’ are not supported by the threads she quotes.

Her post makes the following clearly inflammatory remarks:

Exposing a child, your child, my child, to this sort of shit as far as I’m concerned makes you no better than a paedophile.

Most of you will recognise the name Dante Arthurs. Even more will recognise his name linked with the sexual assault and murder of eight-year-old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu. An eight year old who, just over 10 years ago, walked down a corridor into a female toilet on her own while shopping with her uncle, brother and sister and when she came out, was grabbed from behind, dragged into the disabled toilet and subjected to the most unspeakable horrors. Her brother looked for her, even knocked on that toilet door which was locked but her cries were muffled by Arthurs, her larynx crushed in the process.

Comparing the private sexual activity of consenting adults to paedophilia and child murder is irrational and I can only conclude it reflects homophobia.

Legally, when a toilet door is closed, the cubicle is a private space.  As private as a hotel room.  Men have been using toilets for sex for a long time, and most are incredibly careful to hide their activities from other people using the toilets — because they want to avoid security being called.  Mrs Britten’s claim these men intend on ‘exposing a child, your child, my child’ is without a shred of evidence.

Mrs Britten, you can be better than this.

garbage cannot.