The Slutwalk movement has made it to Australia, and some people are finding the title a little hard to swallow.  Someone has just called me a “chauvinistic cuntsack” on Facebook because I disputed  her claim that “slut” is a “bad word” that can never be reclaimed.

To her, this was obvious, because “slut” refers to people having promiscuous sex and you could never call “a chick” or “your missus” a slut.  Der.  Guess she’s never met a gay man or a sex worker in her life.  And no, I’d never call someone else that word, but I’ll happily support someone who uses it to make a point about a cop who blames women for ‘inviting’ rape.

I’m forced to reply here, because after sending me that misogynist little missive, she blocked me so I couldn’t reply.  Good thing you’re pretty, lady, because otherwise, you’d be venal, dumb and ugly.


One thought on “Irony

  1. I’d have a badge made up with that on it, not that you could wear it anywhere in Melbourne … the annoyingly unnecessary “ic” on the end of chauvinist would probably prevent me from wearing it anywhere, even ironically. Is a cuntsack a euphemism for a female condom?

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